Friday, August 19, 2005

Are We Related?!?

I was just thinking that I should post my surnames here so my distant cousins can find me. You can also visit my family tree at There you can search my tree for common ancestors. I love GenCircles and highly recommend it to help you find distant cousins and clues to research. Anyway, here are some of my main surnames.

Pemberton, Westerterp, Baker, Murray, Kidwell, Gant, Bouwhuis, Robinson, Bosscheiter, Newman, Killian.

I have spent most of my time researching my husbands line. Here is a list of his surnames.

Anderson (Clausen), Sinamark (Sondermark), Mikisek, Nemec, Christiansen, Michelsen, Diedrichsen, Reisner, Rehwinkel, Mercer, Streepy, DeWitt (Witt), Current, Stanclift (Stancliff).

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Anonymous said...

How interesting! My last name is Stancliff and my first name is Rachel! (Which I am assuming is your first name). My family has been very interested in genealogy for a long time and we've traced our Stancliff/Stancliffe/Stanclift line back to England.