Thursday, January 07, 2010

Project #1: Declutter Revolution!!!

This weeks project is not crafty and it didn't cost any money!

I have been decluttering for, well, years now. I'm getting close to a *happy place* but with growing children there will always be things to get rid of.

This week I have been listing things to sell online. LEGO are being sold on eBay and I've got some childrens items selling on a mothering forum. I may or may not find things to put on Craigslist. We took 2 boxes of stuff to Goodwill on Monday.

So far this week 4 boxes have left my house!!! Last week a box and a couple packages left. It feels sooo good to sell stuff we don't need anymore. Taking stuff to Goodwill feels real good, too.

Someone was telling me they have a goal to donate 2010 items this year. They got the idea from a blog I should try to find. What an awesome idea! I think I'm up to about 100 already. Yay!


Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Oh, you're back! It has been forever since you have blogged! I am glad to see you back in cyberspace again. And 2009 kicked my butt too but hopefully we are both in for a better year this year, RIGHT?

Rachel said...

2010 better be better than 2009!!! How are you feeling? I've gotta email you! Thanks for dropping by!