Thursday, December 04, 2008

Replacing Aluminum Windows with Vinyl Windows

I am so happy with our new vinyl window! We put it in all by ourselves and that saved a bundle. The windows in the house are the beautiful aluminum ones from the early 1970's. The best part is that the aluminum was painted with the wall paint.


I want to explain how to do this, but I am not the one who actually did the work. LOL
Taking out the window was pretty easy. We purchased a little tool for the siding, but ended up not needing it! Yay! That means we didn't even have to mess up the siding. We did get a Sawzall to cut the window out of the casing. We also removed the lovely faux marble sill and installed a wood sill.

The window came out lickety split with that Sawzall tool!

Now installing the window was a little more complicated but we were able to do it without any additional help (Eric and my brother did it). The window was made for new homes OR remodels. In order to use it for a remodel we had to cut off the outer edge of the window (white part). The people at Home Depot explained how to do this. Lift it into the casing and screw it in.

Then we sprayed expandable insulation foam into it. That is about it for the window. The finish work is done when the mud & tape is done. We plan to redo all the windows in the house ourselves!

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Lisa-Lou-Who said...

That is awesome. I love vinyl windows too. It is good to see ya bloggin again!