Monday, December 08, 2008

Sewing Cloth Diapers

I am not a very experienced sewer and I am able to sew really cute, functional diapers. I don't even own a sewing machine! I go use my moms. If I can do this, so can you.

There are tons of great patterns out there on the Internet. Some are free, others are for purchase.
Being my frugal self, I use the free patterns!

The first diapers I made were from Rita's Rump Pocket pattern. I love this pattern because it is for a one size diaper. A one size diaper should fit most babies from 8lbs to potty learning. I was also easily able to make this into a regular fitted rather than a pocket style fitted.

How much did each diaper cost me? About $1.50!

I used old cut-up chinese prefolds for the internal soaker (4 layers). I had old flannel sheets to use for the body of the diapers. I did buy cute flannel fabric at Jo-Ann's for the outside of the diapers (about $2 a yard). I bought Lastin at Kayla's Cloth Kits. I used thread my mom had on hand.

The hardest part for me was the Lastin in the leg openings. I did find a great tutorial online, but can't find it again. There are several out there so just check around.

The best part of making your own diapers is that you are in control over how thick or thin they are! You can adapt them to your child for the perfect fit and absorbancy.


Lisa-Lou-Who said...

You know, you could totally sell those. Cloth dipes can be expensive as you know. Those are so much easier to use than the prefolds. I have to admit I have been a cd slacker. I got out of the habit long ago and I haven't gotten back in. I know, shame, shame. I really should do it again.

Rachel said...

Thanks and yes you should get back into it! That sweet little baby bum needs to have fluff. LOL

I did great with cding Salem until a couple months ago. He started changing a lot and I am still having trouble finding a good cover for him. So I pull out a disposable once in a while now.

I'm hoping he'll potty train soon. We have been using the potty with him on occasion since 9 months. He does great, but isn't able to tell me he has to go yet. Some day.....

Kira =] said...

Yay! and good job!

I have my sister make mine & mail them to me. We use the KCK One pattern at Kayla's Cloth Kits. But I have found a better way to have the opposite velcro for laundry. instead of making a separate tab that you fold onto, its sewn right next to it and it loose from the rest of the diaper so its sure to stay with the velcro through out the wash cycle. Maybe I should take a picture because I suck at explaining.