Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunflower Market-My new favorite store!

My friends and I have a new favorite store. It is Sunflower Market! It is a new natural grocery store. They have now opened 16 stores and if you're lucky you'll get one soon.

They have unbeatable prices on produce. And it is GOOD produce. Just watch that you use it within the week because it is ripe! We have been loading up on grapes, peaches, cherries, pears, green beans, cucumbers, squash and bananas just to name a few.

They have a great bulk department. The regular prices are not as low as Whole Foods, but the sales make up for it. This week dry apple slices are on sale for $1.99 lb!!! They also had granola for $1.99 lb that my friends were going "gaga" over.

The first week they were open they had organic applesauce for $1.50 each. Big jars. I went nuts and bought, like, 30 jars. LOL I have been making fruit leather with it. There were about 5 different flavors, too!

I had recently started making my own organic refried beans from scratch, but I couldn't turn down the cans of organic refried beans for $0.79 a can. I stocked up and need to stop now...they are still on sale.

Oh, and they have great sales and regular prices on meat, too! I got salmon for $3.97 lb. And natural boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.69 lb. Organic whole chickens are regular priced at $1.99 lb (same as Costco).

I was able to buy Monterey Jack and Meunster cheese from the deli for $2.99 lb. They had Brie for $3.99 lb and my friend was happy about that. I don't eat fancy cheese, so it wasn't as exiting for me. LOL

The best part about shopping at Sunflower Market is that if you go on Wednesday you get to shop TWO sale flyers! The sales overlap! It is a zoo on Wednesday, but totally worth it for the savings.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Reunion in Fruita, Colorado

In August we had a great Anderson family gathering in Fruita. We had a blast!
We all stayed at a RV park where there were campsites, cabins and RV sites. We camped while everyone else stayed in cabins or an RV.
We got to see Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa National Forest (or whatever it is).
We took plenty of pictures and it was hilarious how obsessed the Anderson clan is with "the perfect picture."
The cousins had a great time getting to know each other better and exploring the area.
My favorite part was the last day when we went to Grand Mesa and had a campfire and lunch together.