Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Clif Kids Products!!!

I am so excited about this deal that I have to share it!
If you get the Mambo Sprouts coupon book (available by mail or at Whole Foods) there is a coupon for $0.50 off one Clif Kids product.
My local King Soopers (Kroger) carries these products for around $0.69 each. They also double coupons. That means FREE treats for my kiddos. Woohoo!

Check out more great Kroger deals at Money Saving Mom.

Menu Plan Monday - March 31st

I have a confession to make. I have a hard time sticking to a pre-planned menu. What I normally do is make a list of all the meals we like to eat and just go through the list and find what we have the ingredients for. However, I've been inspired by I'm an Organizing Junkie who hosts Meal Plan Monday on her blog.

So, we'll see how this works out. I hope it helps me focus on some of our more frugal recipes.

Monday: Split Pea Soup, oyster crackers

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Burgers on homemade buns, corn on the cob, canned mandarin oranges

Tacos with homemade refried beans, Mexican Rice and avocados

Thursday: Leftover Night

Friday: Company for Dinner- Hawaiian Haystacks

Saturday: Homemade Pizza, canned pineapple, baby carrots

Sunday: Leftovers or eat at my parents house

Other things I will cook this week: Sourdough Bread (2 loaves), granola

To see other menu plans, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Consignment Sales

One way to get nice clothing at great prices is buying at consignment sales. It's also a great way to earn a little money back on your own outgrown clothes.
One of the schools in our area has a yearly kids consignment sale. This is the second year and my second time participating. I'm really looking forward to it.
I will be volunteering to help for 2 hours. When you volunteer to help with the sale you get to shop the night before the public! I'm hoping to find some great deals this way.
Each seller was given a packet of tags, instructions and a seller number. I really like the packet. It gives all the information needed to participate in the sale.

First, I have gone through all my kids outgrown clothes and toys. We pulled out everything we don't need or want. Then, I sorted things that are ready to tag and clothes that need to be soaked in oxy solution.
I'm starting to fill out the price tags during TV time. At this rate it'll take awhile!
I will end up spending a couple hours when all is said and done, but I feel it is time well spent.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saving $ on Organic Milk

Mu husband scored at the grocery store last night. He found organic milk marked down to $2.69 for a gallon and some half gallons as low as $1.19! I had him get 5 gallons worth. I am tempted to send him back for more since there is still room in the freezer.

The only down side is that we had already used our Organic Valley $1/1 coupons from here. But, I suppose I'll live. ;)

We go through about a gallon of milk a week. That means I have a good month supply which will give us time to catch another round of markdown milk.

Long live markdowns!!!

Yummy Homemade Bread

I just love baking bread. Actually, I love all baking. I am into scratch cooking in a big way. I have even been tweaking my recipes to make them healthier and cheaper. It is so fun!

I am very pleased with how this batch turned out. I made some changes to a favorite Pampered Chef recipe. Next time I plan to reduce the sugar by half and add some ground flax. I love to bake bread in my Pampered Chef mini loaf pan. The bread turns out perfect every time.

I get zucchini in the summer for free from friends. I shred it and freeze it in 3/4 cup portions for this recipe. When thawed, I get extra liquid that I use to replace part of the milk. Just pour the liquid into your measuring cup first and fill to the 1/2 cup mark with milk.

Here is the recipe with my changes.

Spiced Carrot-Zucchini Bread

2 1/4 Cups flour-I use a mix of whole wheat and unbleached white
1 Cup sugar-I will try 1/2 Cup next time
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon cloves
1 tablespoon ground flax seed
3/4 cup carrots, finely chopped
3/4 cup zucchini, shredded or finely chopped
1/2 cup walnuts
1/3 cup carrot puree
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup milk and zucchini liquid mix
2 eggs

Preheat oven to 350
Spray bottom only of Stoneware mini loaf pan. In a medium bowl combine flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, flax, salt and spices. Finely chop carrots and zucchini (or use previously shredded zucchini). Coarsely chop walnuts. Add carrots, zucchini, walnuts and remaining ingredients to the bowl. Stir just until dry ingredients are moistened. Spoon into loaf pan. Bake 45 minutes or until cake tester inserted into center comes out clean. Cool in pan 5 minutes. Loosen sides of loaves from pan; place loaves on cooling rack. Cool completely.
Makes 4 mini loaves or 1 regular loaf

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's In Your Pantry?

I have always liked having food storage in our home. For the past 9 months I have been using The Grocery Game, a subscription based site, to stretch my grocery budget and get a nice stockpile of food set up. My most recent favorite find is Money Saving Mom. She has links to all sorts of great coupons and deals!

I have nearly cut my grocery budget in half and I'm bringing home more than before. I never knew I could get so much for free! Getting free groceries has almost become addicting...okay I am addicted. This week I'm getting free tuna fish.

I love that by stocking up when prices are rock bottom I never pay full price for groceries!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Clothes on a Budget

We went to the Colorado Mills Mall on Friday to get some things for the kids. There were a few needs and then I made a little splurge purchase, too.

We went to The Children's Place and found racks and racks of markdown clearance stuff. Many things were $1.99, but not what we needed. I also had a 20% Off coupon from the Birthday Club. Here's what we did get.

3 pairs of tights
1 onsie
1 4T shirt
1 pair 4T jeans
2 pairs baby sunglasses
1 baby golf style hat---splurge

Regular prices added up to over $48
Total spent $30.23

Then we headed to Target to get a shirt for my oldest son. It was $5.39.

Our last stop was the Gymboree Outlet. Now, I never shopped there before a few months ago! I had been in a few times years ago and was blown away by the high prices. Well, it turns out that you can get some killer deals on the clearance racks, especially with a coupon. Unfortunately, they do not take coupons at the outlet store.
Okay, the Gymmies were not a killer deal, but my youngest needs new pajamas. We looked at several stores and the Internet before making the purchase. I will pick up a few more pair second hand next month.

1 pair Two-Piece Gymmies (reg. $19.50)
Total spent $8.63

More to come on how I keep the clothing budget down...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's All Too Much! Getting Rid of the Clutter!

I have been on the road to recovering from my clutter addiction for years now. I've finished reading It's All Too Much twice now. It is so well written. Not only is it motivating, it gives a clear cut answer to solving the clutter problem once and for all.

I find the more I get rid of the happier I am. My home feels more peaceful and comfortable. It is easier to clean and much easier to find things. I haven't missed anything that I have tossed. This process has helped me really focus on what we need and how we really want to live. In this world of "more is better" I have found the opposite to be true.

Not convinced to declutter your own home, yet? I also have more time to enjoy my family. Our relationships are stronger and more fulfilling than ever before.
We can invite people over without worrying about being embarrassed, too!