Friday, September 05, 2008

Scraping Off the Popcorn Ceiling

Yay! It is gone!

It took a bit over an hour to scrape the ceiling. Of course now we have to do knock-down and paint it.

You'll need to seal off the room and ducts with plastic. You will need good eye protection and dust masks. We got the masks that are approved for asbestos since we are 99% sure we have it. We are disposing of the junk as if it contains asbestos.

Here is what we did. Spray the ceiling with water using spray bottle and super soaker water guns. LOL Then, we scraped it off using metal flat scrapers.

Time: over an hour
Cost: $80 for two masks (bought by my mommy) :)
So this project was free for us. Thank you landlord!


Kira =] said...

Ooooh! it will be pretty!

What's knock-down?

Rachel said...


Knock-down is just what some people call the texture technique used for walls and ceilings.
It is usually done by spraying on "stuff" and "knocking it down" with a flat tool.

Like my technical terms? LOL

Lisa-Lou-Who said...

Oh, that popcorn ceiling is SOOOo evil. We had it too but we didn't know at the time we took it down that it had asbestos (and it did, 8%) So, I am glad you are using masks and stuff. Hooray that you are getting rid of it. It is fun to see the progress in your room!