Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Financial Check Up

March went pretty well. We have been following Dave Ramsey since January 2007 and it has been going great. My husband really didn't know that is what we were doing until this year. lol

We went over on the grocery budget. I just took money from the misc category to cover it. I just had a hard time passing up deals plus our freezer was pretty depleted. I am still in stocking up mode, but think that by next month I will be able to lower my food budget and stick to it.

Our mini van needed repairs. We spent $750 to fix it. YIKES! Before Dave Ramsey this would have been devastating. We used half from savings and half from our budget that would have gone into savings. Phew!

We were able to stay under on our dining and entertainment budget. We only spent a couple dollars of the $50 we allow. We also were under on our allowances. We did spend most of our clothing budget, but got a lot of great deals.

It feels so good to have money in the bank for emergencies and pay cash for the things we need. We are truly blessed.

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