Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday 4/21

This week should be interesting. We will be going TV free all week and I'll be limiting my computer time. That should mean more time to cook, right? We'll see about that!
I am trying to eliminate dairy from my diet this week to see how it effects the baby. My husband is planning to do some sort of elimination diet where he drink water with lemon and lime and a couple other things. HA! We'll see how long that lasts. But, it will make dinner difficult. We might be in for lots of leftovers. ;P

Monday: Leftovers-Potato soup for the kids, lots of fresh produce

Tuesday: Tacos with homemade refried beans, Mexican Rice

Chicken, rice, veges

Thursday: Turkey burgers on homemade buns, salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza, canned pineapple

Saturday: Turkey meatballs, brown rice, fresh veges

Sunday: Vegetarian chili

Other things I will cook this week: Sourdough Bread (2 loaves), cookies

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melanie said...

I don't know your background--but I cut all dairy while nursing my middle child and it made a HUGE difference--see if you can stick with it 2 weeks to give it a good shot. :) It got a bit easier for me the longer I did it--although there were still mega temptations--I LOVE ice cream & cheese!

Good luck--If it's similar to what my son had, I'd think you'll see a difference starting around 4-5 days into it.

Rachel said...

Mmmm, I love cheese so much! And milk products seem to be in everything!
Thanks for the encouragement. I did have a little butter yesterday, but otherwise did good.