Monday, April 28, 2008

Home Decorations for Cheap!

I love containers. I used to have quite the collection. I've gotten better about only keeping containers I need and will use. However, I did have a few containers waiting to be turned into something useful. Here is what I did!

The tall glass canister was a gift many years ago. I loved the glass container so much I have kept it with the intention of doing something with it. Well, as I was trying to decide what fun things to do to it I realized it would make a perfect sugar canister. Now it is on my counter with sugar in it.

I bought a square lampshade at a thrift store a couple years ago. I thought it was really neat and it was super cheap. I had seen a really cute idea in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine where they put a whole bunch of little colorful eyelets in the shade. I always wanted to do something similar. FINALLY I did it! I put a few black flower grommets in it using the Making Memories Grommet Setting Tool. It was a little hard to get it through the tough plastic layer, but I'm fairly pleased with the results.

The black canister was purchased about 13 years ago to hold utensils. I haven't used it for that since moving into our house about 3 years ago! So, I decided it would look cute with some ribbon around it and a white rub on flower. The flower is from Stampin' Up---my non-thrifty annual splurge. I got the inspiration from the Stampin' Up mini catalog and Michael's craft store.

The paint can was a gift for teacher appreciation week several years ago. I always thought it would be fun to re-embellish it. I decided to coordinate the colors with our tv/playroom. Or at least, what I would like the colors to be! It is currently holding colored pencils. I used Stampin' Up scrapbook supplies to embellish it. I should have used a different background paper because it is hard to read the word "friend."

Do you ever find old things around your house and make them new again?

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